Monday, May 6, 2013

An Interview with the Next Generation of Auction Hunter

Jonah Martin age 12 loves auctions. Every time he comes to an auction he has a smile on his face and is always enthusiastic. His energy is contagious. So how did a 12 year old get interested in auctions? We had his mom interview him to find out:

Q: Why do you like to go to Auctions
A: “I like to meet new people and find lots of cool treasures that tell about the past.  I once bought a stock receipt from 1849 and I also purchased fractional currency there. We went online and learned the history of fractional currency after that”
Q: What is your favorite part of the auction experience?
A: “I like the bidding, the satisfaction of winning a bid, and learning about the history of items being sold.”
Q: What have you learned from going to auctions?
A: “I learned about fractional currency, Japanese “Mickey Mouse” money (Japanese government issued Philippines Peso). I've also learned a lot about the business side of selling things. I want to own a store someday
Q: What would you say to someone who has never been to an auction?
A: “Come out to an auction even if you just want to watch because it’s fun to watch and meet new people. I would also tell them not to spend all their money”
Q: Why should people go to auction?
A: “You can meet new people, learn a lot about history, and get things cheaper than they are in stores”
Q: What were the  best things you ever bought at auction”
A: “My favorite items were 1837 fractional currency, my knight’s shield, and a gumball machine”
Q: What made you want to start going to auctions”
A: “I like to watch auctions on TV and it’s more fun to be there in person. My favorite auction is the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction- I hope to see it in person someday”

Our thanks to Jonah! We love seeing him at our auctions and hope that he will be an avid auction fan for years to come!